Does your heart ache for humanity or the Earth?

Big Broken Heart
October 18/20, 2019
Glastonbury, UK


To be effective at this time of accelerating change in the outer, we need to find a place within ourselves that’s OK with what’s changing – from the climate, to the natural world to the financial and job markets…

In our annual Big Broken Heart event, we’ll be leading you in a transformational process to uncover this space in you, through learning to fully feel rather than by going into denial, so that you can emerge from the weekend confident and ready to move forward in the world in a way that’s authentic to you. 

Some benefits you can expect from the event:

  • Increased clarity of purpose

  • To accelerate your unique path of ascension

  • An enhanced ability to shine your gifts in the world

  • Connection to a network of like-hearted souls

  • To move into a greater sense of 5D consciousness

  • Increased self-love and self-acceptance

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