I provide a worldwide one-to-one coaching service for those who want to unfold more fully into who they are - and particularly those who seek to find the opportunity in the challenges in their life and want to learn to expand rather than to contract in times of pain, trauma and change. I also work as part of a worldwide team of spiritual facilitators with the Openhand Foundation. You can read more about the service I provide here.One-to-one work can often be conducted on skype, as an alternative to physically meeting (though it is often beneficial to do the first session in person). Though I can assure those that are looking to work with me from outside the UK that this work can be just as effective on skype as it is in person.I also give therapeutic treatments, whether you are unwell or your wellbeing tanks simply need refueling and have professional qualifications in a number of holistic therapies including emotional freedom techniques ('EFT' or 'tapping'), Reiki and massage therapy. I find that physical treatments can be as powerful as talking therapies in facilitating change and healing - it is really just a matter of what is appropriate for you.Please drop me a line at tonya@littlewhitefeather.co.uk to discuss which approach might work best for you and I'll answer as soon as I can!