It's exciting for me, because I'm now doing the work that I always knew I'd be doing – or at least since my late teens.

I took a psychology degree, trained in holistic therapies and became a co-counselling teacher early on, so that I could work with people on self- and spiritual development. And I took a postgraduate course in journalism so that I could write about what I learnt and knew and 'get it out there'.

Since then I've had a dual career: as magazine editor/ journalist and as therapist and workshop facilitator.

All the way along I've been doing a lot of work on myself, but more recently I have experienced shifts in consciousness and energetic changes within my body-mind that have equipped me more fully for healing and coaching work.

So now I feel I'm more ready to help others in their process of unfoldment. Either in inspiring them on their journey or giving them a helping hand. Because however rocky the path ahead gets, it's my belief that we have all the tools we need inside – we just sometimes need a little help finding them!

My wish is that little white feather will become a place people come for inspiration and upliftment. I'd always be happy to hear your ideas about how I can make this a reality!

Drop me a line at to find out more.