A – Like water off a duck’s back

water off a duck's backThis is freedom. When you start to see the patterning in all your past lives (excuse me if you don’t subscribe to the theory that we’ve been around the block a few times before, but experience has shown me that it’s true, for me at least). When you can see where you got stuck. When you can flow through all the old stuck places. When, whatever is happening here on planet Earth - whatever president is chosen to lead the US, whether it looks like the UK is going to have a hard or a soft Brexit, whatever crazy things your partner says to you, your being is still unruffled. There’s a ‘we'll see-ness’ about life that there never was before.

This is what a client of mine has been experiencing these past few weeks. She has witnessed how her energy has been ‘hijacked’ over many lifetimes – how she’s been persecuted for her energy and for her light. But now, she can see the patterning in it - in those past lifetimes and in the current one - and she’s liberated from it. There’s no energetic ‘push and pull’ any more. Because no matter how many times a person tries to ‘pull at’ your energy, whether consciously or subconsciously; no matter how many times a person wants to blame you, projects qualities of their own on you (as we progress along the path we become more powerful mirrors for others), it just washes over you. Like water off a duck’s back. And that’s the freedom of being liberated from your karma.

But, as my client would agree, the path to this point is not an easy one. As has been said so many times before, ‘the only way out is through’. And it’s tough, having to go back and re-experience all those ‘stuck points’ in your past lives, the points where your energy has got stuck. Because, contrary to popular opinion, it seems to me that it’s not the points in time where we’ve done something that has hurt another, or at least that they blame us for, where we get stuck and can’t progress along the path, but where our own consciousness has got stuck on something, ie, where we feel hurt, or let down, or betrayed, or abandoned (you get the idea!) And so we have to go back in there and iron it out for ourselves.

But of course this is not easy. The path to liberation is no breeze. It’s been called the hero’s journey, after all. What do you think?

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