Looking into the mirror

divine flow 2When someone can’t see you
Won’t see you
When they try and suppress you
Repress you
Make you feel small…

When they’re disarmed by you
When they make little digs to destabilise you

Just wait…
Just watch…
Observe how this feels in you

Sink into the moment
And realise it’s fine…
You’re whole as you are.

In the still calm centre that is your spirit
And know
That you are complete…

It is another’s choice whether they see you
Whether they can take on the beauty of your being

Maybe they’re just not ready
It’s their choice
And if you’re honest, you don’t need them to be any other way

Simply hold a space for them
To come and meet you at the appropriate time

And in the meantime
Look with love into the mirror that is presenting itself and
Sink more deeply into the beauty of You

Rest in the knowledge that you are complete
And just let yourself be…